About: Philip Vukelich

Philip is an NYC-based scientist-turned-professional portrait photographer. He hails from Eastern Washington, and earned his chemistry degree at the University of Idaho.

After college, Philip spent a year traveling the U.S. and honing his photography skills before settling down in Brooklyn. He promptly grew a man-bun and the rest is history. 

Philip began his career as a photojournalist for his college newspaper and magazine, earning numerous awards from the Idaho Press Club for his work. This is where he fell in love with editorial photography, the artistry of lighting, and telling the stories of interesting people through portraits.

He still owns the forest green Subaru that got him across the country, and believes keeping it is worth the hassle of alternate-side parking for the occasional weekend camping adventure and spur-of-the-moment eclipse-viewing roadtrip.

He also makes great curry and loves dessert, but that’s beside the point.

Winner, American Photography 35