NYC Photo Assistant, Digital Tech, and Retoucher

I currently work at Sandbox Studios and Dune Studios (owned by the umbrella company Creative Drive) as an equipment associate and I freelance photo assist, digital tech, and retouch, largely for celebrity portrait and advertising photographer Jesse Dittmar. I have broad on-set experiences, from intimate living room portrait sessions in Manhattan luxury condos to large-scale location advertising campaigns. 

I have tech'd on numerous large advertising jobs. I'm well familiar with best practices to ensure the highest levels of data security to make sure that not a single file is ever lost. I can provide my own capture kit for rent, including a Retina MacBook Pro, Eizo Coloredge display, and Capture One. 

As a retoucher I have worked on images for portfolio and publication for Jesse Dittmar, and my personal portfolio is exclusively retouched by me. I'm fast, adaptive to the needs of the assignment and the preferences of the photographer, and have negotiable rates. I am happy to retouch some test images upon request.

Please reach out if you have any questions about my skills and/or experience. I'll see you on set!

— Phil


Contact - 
Cell: (509) 392-1809