NYC Photo Assistant, Digital Tech, and Retoucher

In this industry we're all busy people. I'll keep it brief:

  • Freelance photo assistant and digital tech in NYC for over one year
    • First assistant and digital tech for celebrity portrait and advertising photographer Jesse Dittmar. Have assisted on jobs from intimate editorial shoots with high-profile celebrities to large-scale advertising productions. As Jesse's long-term "go-to guy," I've built a relationship of trust and respect with Jesse. I believe trust and respect are crucial to all photographer/assistant relationships.
    • Freelance assistant and tech for numerous photographers and production agencies.
  • Part-time employee at Sandbox Studios / Dune Studios in equipment
    • Working equipment at one of NYC's largest photo studios means I'm working the the latest and greatest in photographic equipment and am exposed to a wide variety of lighting setups. If you've got a setup in mind, I've probably seen it before. That's a good thing.
  • I'm technical, and technologically minded
    • I studied chemistry in college, so I'm a little bit of a black sheep in the photo industry. I teach myself to code when I need to, and have a few nifty tricks up my sleeve because of it. I come up with technical solutions to difficult problems. For example, I developed a system to wirelessly transfer JPEG previews to capture station so clients can review and give feedback on the images. This lets the photographer maintain the freedom and reliability of shooting to a card without a notoriously unreliable USB cable dangling from the camera. Few if any photographers these days are doing this.
    • Data security is a no-brainer. I'm a ChronoSync expert, highly organized, and am familiar with all the best practices of data security. 
  • Available for retouching tests

Please reach out if you have any questions about my services, skills, and/or experience. I hope to see you on set!

— Phil


Contact - 
Cell: (509) 392-1809